Nutrition and Weight Loss With The HCG Diet

Dr. Rand is truly about optimization of health, and he can’t stress enough how important Nutrition is to health optimization. He frequently talks about health optimization, because staying healthy is relatively easy (if people avoid synthetic drugs as much as possible), but health optimization is truly cutting edge medicine.

Some Tips For Nutrition and Weight Loss May Include:

  • Enjoy unlimited amount of vegetables daily, organic is best, and limit fruit to lower glycemic index fruits like apples and berries, and enjoy the higher glycemic carbs like bananas after a workout preferably with in the first hour.
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces daily in the form of water, not soda.
  • Buy avocado (healthy monounsaturated fat), chicken, turkey breast, fish, low fat dairy products and yogurts and avoid non-fat products (high sugar)
  • Eat 5-6 small meals each day with a protein shake twice a day as snack. Enjoy whey protein in the day, and Casein protein in the evening.
  • Don’t skip meals as this will increase your body fat, by slowing down your metabolism.
  • Exercise daily, and be sure to half one gram of protein per pound of body weight
  • If you are not active, eat only 0.6 grams of protein per pound of body weight.
  • Supplement with high quality Vitamins daily.
  • Add fiber more to your diet (fruits and vegetables), which will you fill up quicker and slow down the insulin spike which keeps you from losing weight.

70 percent of our immune system is located in the gut. Feed it well, and you will not be sick. Eat the typical American diet and enjoy all the diseases of our Western society i.e heart disease, cancer, diabetes.

People say they don’t have time to exercise or its just to difficult to eat healthy(organic) and non-process, unrefined foods.  I promise you that if you continue down this path, there will be time for you to take care of all the chronic diseases.

The “pill for ill” approach is exactly the opposite. Just see if you can pick up a PDR (drug book with all the adverse affects), it seems to be getting heavier every year as this country continues to get sicker and more diseases. Practicing healthy habits is your key to treating silent inflammation, the number one killer today.

Live by the 90:10 rule meaning 90 percent eat clean and 10 percent cheat if you can’t abide by the 100% rule. Learn how nutrition timing, hormones (cortisol and insulin) affect our bodies. The clinic addresses all the components to your health allowing you to benefit from the natural anti-inflammatory chemicals your body produces and shifts you from a catabolic (breakdown state) to an anabolic state (build up) state.

Traditional Medicine is “fast food” medicine, in other words drive in to the doctor’s office and pull out with yet another pill. Dr. Rand offers quality of life and youthful medicine allowing you to function with more vigor and zest in all components of your life without the side affects.

Nutritional Supplements

It’s overwhelming today for anyone who walks into a vitamin store and decides to start taking supplements. There are so many companies, so many supplements to choose from. Fish oil is number one on my list since it will provide you with the essential fatty acids we need to produce healthy hormones as well as anti-inflammatory chemical substances to fight the number one cause of all disease namely inflammation.

Secondly, Vitamin D since this is truly a hormone and not a vitamin and is the most deficient hormone we see on blood test. There are receptors throughout the body for vitamin D and improves memory, mood, cognition, bone health any protects against breast cancer.

Magnesium is the third recommendation since it is the most common deficient mineral and involved in over 200 chemical reactions in our bodies. It relaxes both smooth muscle in the intestine and skeletal muscle, very important to relax blood vessels decreasing your risk for blood clots and lowers blood pressure.

My last recommendation is a toss up between co-q 10, carnitine and Niacin. Ideally, take all three but if I had to choose one I would go with co-q10.

Just because you think you eat healthy is not a reason to take supplements. I have yet to meet anyone who truly eats healthy. Yes, continue to eat healthy but supplement with the above recommendations. Healthy aging medical centers does recommend high quality companies such as metagenics, designs for health, as well as Xymogen.

Studies have shown that people who take vitamins regularly care more about their health and pro-active with the correct balance of carbs and protein as well as exercise regularly. This country leads the world in heart disease deaths despite having every drug available. Enjoy the benefits of natural substances such as vitamins, anti-oxidants and omega 3 fats and the profound affect it has on your health.