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Johanan Rand
Johanan Rand, M.D.

Weight loss with the HCG diet is an effective way to lose a significant amount of weight or lose that last few pounds that will not seem to drop away.

Virtually everyone today is either trying to lose weight, or they know someone who is.  There are new fad diets coming along every month, which are typically either ineffective, dangerous or both.

This is because they all work against the body’s natural instincts to try to lose the weight. People learning about the HCG diet have found that this one is different because it works with the body instead of against it.  In addition, this isn’t some new fad diet; it was developed in 1954 from a British Doctor.


The HCG Diet Program

Those who want to know more about the HCG diet should start by knowing what exactly HCG is.  It stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. It is naturally helpful in developing the embryo after conception, and it has been proven to be effective in preventing the degenerative muscle deterioration that is very common when people go on diets.

One of the things about the HCG diet people like most is that it works so quickly.  Many people are able to lose between one half and one full pound per day, and sometimes even more.  Those who try the HCG diet also find that despite the lower calorie restrictions of this diet, they don’t feel nearly as hungry as they thought they would have.  This is because the HCG supplement also works as an appetite suppressant so they can eat low calorie diets without feeling hungry.

Patient Testimonial

Let me just start by saying that I absolutely never take the time to write reviews, but I was certainly inspired to write this one, primarily due to the fact that Dr. Rand is a miracle doctor. I have battled  with weight issues for a very long time despite my healthy eating habits and exercise routine. When I went to Dr. Rand I was skeptical at first because nothing worked in the past, but he honestly changed my doubtful attitude. In 40 days while on HCG with close supervision from Dr. Rand I lost 23 pounds. I have never felt healthier. In addition to losing weight i did NOT lose any muscle mass( which was my concern !!!). My energy level is through the roof, and cravings are completely gone. I look and feel so much better and in the process I have acquired healthy eating and meal prep habits as well as portion control. I just want to say that Dr. Rand is amazing at what he does, he values and takes pride in his work and that is rare. He was always available if I had any questions, he took the time to explaining all details of this program and how it would affect my body. He is very knowledgeable and that’s exactly what I was looking for in addition to the fact that he focused on individualized  approach based on my body. Before we even decided to go with this particular weight loss option we explored many others, we did extensive amount of labs and preparation to make sure all other body systems were functioning well and accordingly. What i want to say is that there is a lot that goes in this process. I highly recommend this doctor. Look no further ;))

Some of the benefits of weight loss with the HCG Diet include:

  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Relearned Eating Habits
  • Reset Metabolism
  • Improved Health
  • More Energy
  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Healthier Insulin Levels

While this is not some miracle diet that is quick and simple, the diet does require dedication, and there will be times when the dieter feels hungry, just not as hungry as most people would expect.  The great thing about this diet is that while it can have its difficult moments, the rapid rewards far outweigh any problems.  Most people find that the fact that they can lose the weight so quickly makes the sacrifices well worth it.

The initial phases of the HCG diet are the hardest, and for most people they are only possible because of the HCG supplements that allow them to eat very little without feeling too hungry or losing muscle. Once people have lost the weight they need to lose, the long-term diet plan included with this product is actually quite reasonable and something most people can stick to the rest of their life.  Since the initial weight loss is so dramatic and quick, people know that they never want to go back to being big again, and so, they are dedicated to success.

There are hundreds of great diet recipes that work for those who are on the HCG diet. Patients can eat most of their favorite foods as long as they can stick to the long-term diet and exercise guidelines. They do allow for the occasional splurging as long as it is kept to a reasonable limit. After finishing the diet, most patients feel that any sacrifices they made during the diet were worth it when they look at their slim new bodies.

Questions? Please call North New Jersey HCG Doctor, Johanan Rand, M.D. of Healthy Aging Medical Centers directly at 800-775-5201 Ext. 268 to schedule your initial appointment, discuss your weight loss goals and decide on a HCG Weight Loss Program to fit your specific needs.